Todo Village

Todo is long known considered as the oldest village for Manggaraian people. It was the center of Manggarai administration in the past where The King named Mashur that ruled Manggarai used to live. There in the cone-like-houses used to be the house of 9 clans that lived in the area and they believed to be the royal clans that control the administration over Manggarai area as far as Labuan Bajo in the west and somewhere Elar in the east.

The most interesting story about Todo is the existence of a drum that is believed to be a skin of a beautiful lady that was executed by one of the royal clan member to avoid being married with another King from Bima in the West Nusa Tenggara. Although the drum skin has not yet to be proven scientifically as a real human skin, the drum has long been kept secretly in the cone house. People from the village and Manggaraian in general until now keep their respect to the drum and gradually held ceremonies every year to respect one of their ancestor through the drum.