Todo: Unveiling the Ancient Legacy of the Manggarai People

Nestled in the heart of Flores, Indonesia, lies a village that carries within its ancient structures and traditions the rich history of the Manggarai people. Todo village stands as a testament to the enduring culture and heritage of this community, offering visitors a glimpse into a world that once held the center of Manggarai administration and the legacy of its royal past.

A Glimpse into History: Oldest Village of the Manggarai

Todo village proudly wears the title of being the oldest village for the Manggarai people. In times long past, it held a place of paramount importance as the center of Manggarai administration. This village was once home to the ruling monarch, King Mashur, whose influence extended across the Manggarai region. The village’s significance was further emphasized by the cone-like houses that housed the nine clans that collectively formed the royal clans governing the administration of Manggarai. These clans held sway not only over Todo but also reached as far as Labuan Bajo in the west and Elar in the east.

The Intriguing Legend of the Drum

One of the most captivating stories woven into the tapestry of Todo village is the legend surrounding the existence of a unique drum. This drum holds a tale of a beautiful lady, whose skin is believed to have been transformed into the very drum that resonates with history. The story goes that the lady was executed by a member of the royal clan to evade an unwanted marriage proposal from a King hailing from Bima in West Nusa Tenggara.

While the authenticity of the drum’s origin as actual human skin has not been scientifically proven, its presence has remained enshrined in secrecy within the confines of a cone house. The people of Todo village, as well as the wider Manggaraian community, continue to hold profound respect for this artifact. Year after year, ceremonies are conducted to honor their ancestors through the medium of this storied drum, solidifying its significance as a living connection to their history.

Preserving Tradition: Todo’s Enduring Legacy

As you wander through the captivating landscape of Todo village, you’ll find not just physical structures but a living repository of Manggarai tradition. The village’s history and stories echo through the architecture, the ceremonies, and the daily lives of its inhabitants. Visitors have the privilege of immersing themselves in this unique blend of cultural preservation and historical storytelling, allowing them to forge a connection with a way of life that has transcended time.

Todo village stands as a living testament to the Manggarai people’s legacy, inviting us to delve into the past, unravel its stories, and witness the threads that weave together tradition and history. As you step into this realm of cone-like houses and age-old rituals, you embark on a journey to unearth the captivating narrative of a people deeply rooted in their heritage.

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