Tado Village

Located 44 km east of Labuan Bajo, Tado village is one of the best places to get a close look on the West Manggaraian way of life. Tado, as what is called as the name of a village is also a name of a tribe. It is perhaps one of the tribe in West Manggarai which still tightly bound each other in a very well system. Headed by a tribe master, called ‘Tua Golo’ in local name, this tribe has about more than 3000 members and spread in 13 villages.

Throughout the journey from Labuan Bajo to Tado Village, you will get a good impression of the natural treasures that can be discovered on the Florinese mainland. Not only will you come across local villages, hills with spectacular views, and lush forests, but also pass the world-famously unique spider web rice fields, locally named ‘lingko’. The actual purpose behind these eye-catching structures used to be the division of land ownership among the different families of a village.