Mount Mbeliling

Mount Mbeliling, is the highest mountain in the west Manggarai region. The top is about 1239 m above sea level. The Mbeliling Forest spans over an area of 15,000 hectares, and is the habitat of numerous endemic plant species and birds. Labuan Bajo receives water source for their daily life usages from this mountain.The variety of flora and fauna make it a perfect trekking destination, especially during the dry season.

Trekking to Mount Mbeliling starts at Kampung Roe (Roe village), about 27 km from Labuan Bajo. Porters and local guides are provided here to show you the trekking routes.  Start the 3-4h trek at 600m above sea level in Roe village and hike in the cool mountain forest where you can discover an amazing range of tropical plants as well as some rare species of birds and other wildlife. A traditional lunch served in Banana leaves will provide you with enough energy to climb the peak of the Mbeliling Mountain. Arriving at the top, 1239m above sea level, you enjoy a breath taking view over Flores – from Labuan Bajo to Komodo on the west to an impressive volcanic crater lake in the east. Take a rest and watch the sunset while your guides set up the tents on the mountain top and start preparing a delicious dinner. Relax and dream under the stars, only separated from them by the roof of your tent.

On the next day, the trekking will be continued to Cunca Rami Waterfall. Passing astonishing village and meet with friendly local people would be the highlights before reaching the waterfall. On the way, local people may offer you some fresh young coconut fruits. Once you are at the waterfall, you will certainly feel a relaxation by swimming or just getting wet into the water pool.

The trekking will be ended here. A car should be able to pick you up here and bring back to Labuan Bajo. We currently do not offer this service due to poor access to get to this place.

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