Manta Point

Manta Point (called Karang Makassar in local name) is a spot where manta rays often encountered. It is one of the popular place for diving and also snorkeling for those who love to see the manta rays, a huge marine creature that can grow up to 4 meters wide. Though they are huge in size, they are considered as the unharmed sea animal. Manta Rays are one of the extinct animal on earth which nowadays divers or marine life lovers are trying to protect them from illegal fishing practices.

Doing the tour to see the Komodo Dragon, manta point is one of the suggested point to stop for snorkeling. This can be done on the way out to Labuan Bajo or after Komodo trekking in Loh Liang or after Pink Beach. Although seeing manta rays can’t be guaranteed, Manta Point offers excellent snorkeling experience. Reefs are laying from only 2 meters to 9 meters depth. Turtles, sharks, eagle rays, giant trevallies, huge clams, various kind of sponges, and cuttle fish are things you may see during your snorkeling. If you are lucky, you may get the experience of swimming with the mantas. They can be so close to you.

If you are not good enough in swimming, it is best to use life vests to keep your self floating. If possible, ask one of the boat crew to swim along with you. This way it is easier to get rescued if unexpected things happen. Boats during snorkeling on this area are normally following you from behind. This is to avoid being drifted far away by current.

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