Kelimutu Lake Tour


Kelimutu is a crater lake, located at 5,679 feet ASL. There are three lakes small lakes and each has their own color. Periodically the color changes. Most colors appeared are blue, black, red, white, brown, and turquoise. Clues when these colors changed are unknown. For the natives live around the area connect this phenomenon with their local beliefs.There are 3 lakes sharing the same name Kelimutu. The locals there has given each of them their own names and all believed to be the resting place for the departed ones.

We make this tour by putting Kelimutu the ending point. Beside Kelimutu, we will also explore more from Ruteng Manggarai, Aimere, Bajawa and Ende. The highlights along the way are caves, lakes, traditional houses and villages, local wine product processing, hot spring, sightseeing, and more.



IDR 5,000,000