Day Dive Trip


Day Dive Trip is a trip going back and forth from Labuan Bajo to the Komodo National Park area. The trip starts in the morning around 7:30 from the harbor, travel between 1,5 to 2 hours to the area to dive and then return to Labuan Bajo in the afternoon by 5 PM.

Sites to dive on each day are selected based on the experience level of the divers compare to the conditions on the areas to dive. Some sites are good for divers with low level of experience and some are pretty advanced sites that has strong currents.

Day Dive Tour offers minimum 2 and maximum 3 dives per day. Each dive takes maximum 60 minutes dive time or until gets 50 bar left on your tank. In between the dives you will have around 60 minutes as well for a surface interval.


7.00 am: pick up from your hotel

7.30 am: arrive at the harbor. Get on the dive boat.

7.45-10.00 am: travel to dive site

10.30-11.30 am: first dive

11.30-12.30: surface interval

13.00-14.00: second dive

14.00-15.00: lunch

15.00-16.00: third dive

16.00-17.30: travel back to Labuan Bajo

17.30: pick up from the hotel and transfer to your hotel

Price List

3 Dives

IDR 2500K 1 Day
  • dive gear rental
  • lunch
  • drinks
  • and refreshments

Entrance Fees:

Divers: IDR 275,000 / Day / Person  |  Snorkelers: IDR 215,000 / Day / Person  |  On Sundays/Holidays: +IDR 75,000 / Person  |  Komodo Dragon Tour: IDR 150,000 / Person

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