Customized Tours


Don’t find your preferred trip option? Want to customize it yourself instead?

No problem! Let us know what do you want for your trip! We provide time to discuss the best possible option to meet your plan.

To make it easier, we generally need below details to get an idea what is best to do next:

Maybe you like to be on the boat and swim or snorkeling around. Maybe like to have island hopping, maybe diving? Or, do some land exploration. Just whatever you have in mind.
Your arrival and departure details helps us to calculate duration, time to start and end, and time to move on the next destination. It will also help to search for availability on items like hotel, transport, restaurant opening hours, etc.
Knowing how many people would be going on your trip together, it is easier to quote pricing.
Tell us how much you can afford, what is budget range? This will help us finding appropriate option available, such as hotel, boat, restaurant and any other facilities.
What is your expectation on facilities on the boat, on a car, hotel, or restaurant? Do you need to have AC on your cabin, in your hotel room. Or, is it okay to have only fan?

Do you need your hotel to have a pool, WIFI access, shuttle, laundry service, etc.

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