Cunca Rami Waterfall


Surrounded by local rice fields, trip to waterfall in Cunca Rami also offers a perfect experience at how you witness the locals do their daily life routine as farmer. A lady with a webbing basket at their back walking through the fields while a man carry a pack of buffalo plowing their rice fields. These activities are some of the extras to be experienced when doing the trip to Cunca Rami Waterfall. When your time is perfect you may also involve in planting rice with locals traditionally.

The waterfall is by far the highest among those existed in West Manggarai. This creates a long shower from the top to the ground which offers a relaxed feeling. At the foot of the water fall there is a pool where you can swim around for fun. In the dry season, the water here is quite clear and clean. In the rainy season the water are normally dirty with lots of mud bringing down from the flooded forests.

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