Sabolon Island

Sabolon Island Sabolon Island (or Pulau Sabolo) is located at the north of Labuan Bajo. There are two Sabolon Islands, the small called Sabolon Kecil and the big called Sabolon Besar. 'Besar' means big in Bahasa and 'Kecil' means small. From Labuan Bajo it takes... Read More

Bidadari Island

Bidadari Island Bidadari (means angle in Bahasa Indonesia) is the closest island with white sandy beach from Labuan Bajo. It takes only 20 minutes by local boat from the harbor. Spending half day upon arrival from plane is best recommended to visit this island rather... Read More

Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island Kanawa Island is located between Labuan Bajo and Sebayur Besar Island. From Labuan Bajo, it takes only 1 hour with local boat. The island itself is relatively quiet small of about 28 hectares. Though she is small the island is one of most... Read More

Gili Lawa Darat

Gili Lawa Darat Gili Lawa Darat is an island in the north east of Komodo. The island is almost seen as a desert barren savanah which wholly covered by grass. In the dry season the island almost look brown everywhere. While in the rainy season,... Read More

Manta Point

Manta Point Manta Point (called Karang Makassar in local name) is a spot where manta rays often encountered. It is one of the popular place for diving and also snorkeling for those who love to see the manta rays, a huge marine creature that can... Read More

Komodo Island

Komodo Island Komodo Island is the main Island in Komodo National Park that visitors are directed when they want to see the komodo dragon and other wild animals in the park. It lies between the Banta Island at west and Padar at east. The area... Read More

Pink Beach

Pink Beach One of the most visited beach in Komodo is Pink Beach. It is popular with the color of the sand in pink and also stunning underwater life. Pink sand is formed from pieces of red coral. But the truth is a kind of amoeba... Read More

Padar Island

Padar Island Padar is the third largest island in the Komodo National Park. It is located in the south central of the park, between Komodo and Rinca Island. In the past, Padar was one of the island in Komodo where there were dragons live. Along... Read More