picture of wae rebo village flores indonesia

Wae Rebo Village

Wae Rebo Village Wae Rebo is a small village of Manggaraian people that preserve to live traditionally in a very remote, isolated area surrounded by hilly mountains in southern part of west Flores. The presence of these group of people was originally believed to be... Read More


Todo Village Todo is long known considered as the oldest village for Manggaraian people. It was the center of Manggarai administration in the past where The King named Mashur that ruled Manggarai used to live. There in the cone-like-houses used to be the house of... Read More

Sano Nggoang Crater Lake

Sano Nggoang Crater Lake Sano Nggoang Crater lake is a sulfur lake located 45 km to south east of Labuan Bajo. With an area of about 5,500 ha, this lake is considered as one of the deepest lake in the world which the depth is... Read More
Spider web rice field near labuan bajo

Tado Village

Tado Village Located 44 km east of Labuan Bajo, Tado village is one of the best places to get a close look on the West Manggaraian way of life. Tado, as what is called as the name of a village is also a name of... Read More

Cunca Rami Waterfall

Cunca Rami Waterfall Surrounded by local rice fields, trip to waterfall in Cunca Rami also offers a perfect experience at how you witness the locals do their daily life routine as farmer. A lady with a webbing basket at their back walking through the fields... Read More

Mount Mbeliling

Mount Mbeliling Mount Mbeliling, is the highest mountain in the west Manggarai region. The top is about 1239 m above sea level. The Mbeliling Forest spans over an area of 15,000 hectares, and is the habitat of numerous endemic plant species and birds. Labuan Bajo... Read More
Caci Dance from Manggarai Flores

Melo Village

Melo Village Situated at mountainside of Mount Mbeliling, Melo is the best option to visit for a short daytime when you have nothing else to do in Labuan Bajo Komodo. Being at the village you can enjoy a spectacular view over to the Komodo National... Read More
Cunca Wulang or Moon Waterfall

Cunca Wulang Canyon

Cunca Wulang Canyon Cunca which means waterfall and Wulang which means a moon in local language is a tiny waterfall sets in the middle of tropical forest around 30 km to the east of Labuan Bajo. A waterfall with a circle hole that looks like... Read More

Batu Cermin Limestone Cave

Batu Cermin Limestone Cave Gua Batu Cermin or Mirror Stone Cave in English is an area with approximately 10 hectares filled with huge rock formation. The rock is looking like basalt type of rock, black color and hard. It is believed to be an area... Read More
Labuan bajo bay from the sky

Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo Background Labuan Bajo was supposed to be spelled 'labuhan' which means a port. In daily speaking the letter 'h' mostly doesn't really have a clear sound so then people omit the 'h' and becomes labuan. And Bajo is a one of famous tribe... Read More