Sabolon Island

Sabolon Island (or Pulau Sabolo) is located at the north of Labuan Bajo. There are actually 2 Sabolon Islands, the small called Sabolon Kecil and the big called Sabolon Besar. 'Besar' means big in Bahasa and 'Kecil' means small. From Labuan Bajo it takes about one hour with local boat. On both islands there is a beach. Sabolon Kecil is known for diving spot and Sabolon Besar is best for beach camping. However, both islands offer great spots for snorkeling. Compare to Bidadari Island, the one closest to Labuan Bajo, this island offers much better conditions. The beaches are pretty much about 200 meters long where it offer much better area to hang out or just walking along the beach. The snorkeling area is much wider with the reefs are from one meter to 5 meters. And they are all relatively clean. At Sabolon Besar, at the eastern side, people often use it for camping. Sabolon Kecil has smaller area and relatively narrow for camping.

Tour to this island can also be done in one day. The trip can be started at a later departure by 9 am from Labuan Bajo and can finish at about 5 in the afternoon. Those who love fishing, it is a good idea to take fishing gear along with you. It should be a great experience once you catch fish and directly grill it on the beach with friends.


Bidadari Island

Bidadari (means angle in Bahasa Indonesia) is the closest island with white sandy beach from Labuan Bajo. It takes only 20 minutes by local boat from the harbor. Spending half day upon arrival from plane is best recommended to visit this island rather than staying at hotel. It offers great impression on your first day in Flores. The beach is not the best one in Komodo Flores but it should bring you into a calm relaxation and can breathe with totally fresh air. Laying down on the beach or swimming/snorkeling around are just way beyond your imagination after leaving your hustle city with lots of air pollution. Jorge Lorenzo, the world moto GP champion was once here for beach foot ball with his friends. He really enjoyed the beach and the snorkeling.

Tour to this island should be just a short visit. This is because the beach area is relatively small and often crowded with visitors. On your overnight trip, this island can be put into your last day itinerary before returning to town of Labuan Bajo.